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Help STOP More Tax Increases Coming to South Carolina!

  • Stop Illegal Immigration! How You Can Help
  • Stop Increases in State Spending and Taxing!
  • Stop Increases in Local Spending and Taxing!
  • Stop Tax Increases Disguised as Fees!
  • Stop Local Sales Taxes!
  • Stop Discriminatory Utility Rates in non-Municipal Areas!
  • Stop Forced Annexations of non-Municipal Areas!
  • Stop Inter-basin Water Transfers to GA and NC!

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Just click on the link above, and provide your comments. Send them a strong message. It will be sent immediately to all the proper parties. Be sure to provide your name and email address so they can contact you for more information if needed!

Other Things You Easily Do to Make a Difference:

  1. Encourage all of your friends and neighbors to send their comments. Tell them about this website. Encourage them to tell their friends and neighbors! Working together, we can make a big difference!
  2. Distribute our "2008 Tough Year" Flyer/Door Poster and business cards. See link at left to download these materials. Print them. Distribute them everywhere. Post them at your business. Ask other businesses to post them!
  3. Attend County Council and School Board meetings. You don't have to say or do anything unless you want to. Just your presence shows that we are watching. If you want to speak, do so. Be sure to wear red; "We are seeing red over taxes!"